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So you already have some social media presence, but you want to move up!
The main addition from the Startin' Out package to the Movin' Up package is the audience engagement our team manages (a real game changer). This is an important part of staying relevant on social media as a business. Check out this process and get all the details of audience engagement. We can't wait to work with you.
Preliminary Research
business & industry our team will learn everything they can about your business and industry so that we post only relevant content 
competitive analysis we want to know what your competition is posting and whether or not they are active on social media
questionnaire  fill out a short questionnaire about your goals, brand voice, target market, ideal customer and more
analyze website we'll spend a lot of time on your website, analyzing each page and gathering content (if your website needs some help, we can do that too)
Content Creation
Based on our preliminary research and raw content provided by you, our team will create relevant social posts.
created by our team we'll create posts such as info-graphics, videos and pictures with text overlay and graphics, short articles, content from your website, curated content (articles, blogs from credible sources) 
provided by you we'll transform your raw content into optimized posts. Send us content like photos, conferences, videos, interesting faqs, new hires, launched products, work parties, openings, holidays and more.
Approval Process
Using transformed content, we strategically schedule posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to achieve consistent engagement.
monthly calendar at the beginning of each month, we will send you a new content calendar for the following month
unlimited edits give us your feedback and any changes that need to be made, we can go back and forth until it's just right
approval signature once all the content is correct, we'll have you sign off for the final approval
 Post & Engage Audience
Our social media experts manage your growth on each social platform, guaranteeing follower increases and two-way conversations among your audience. 
Here's a few ways we do this:
follow your competition, clients, partners and friends
search for relevant hashtags and engage
engage with customers, it's a two-way conversation
tag people, companies, events, organizations in posts as much as possible
add social links to  your website and email signature to make it easy for people to follow your pages
encourage your employees to like, share, follow and comment on posts and social pages
if your the owner/president of your company, we encourage you to share content on your personal page as well
Report & Recommend
There's always room for growth! We want to see you improve each month based off of our recommendations.
report at the end of each month, we will send you an analytic report with feedback on follower count, rate of engagement, page views and more for each social platform. Check out an example
recommendations a social media expert will analyze your reports and recommend a few changes for improvements
It's simple.
Project Management, 4 social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) research, created content, edits, posting, engagement with audience each week, organic followings, hashtag searches, two-way communication with audience, competition/client/partner following, report and recommendations
(per account)
AS REQUESTED: Paid Ads and Boosted Posts
(starting at)

Let's get started!



Movin' Up

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