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What's The PI Process? This is our direct mail campaign package. We use focused data to reach targeted audiences with an eye-catching postcard.

Check out the process:

The PI Process

Step 1:

We'll find your target market using a purchased list or Every Door Direct Mail. With the strength of focused data, we can reach your ideal audience!

Step 2:

Using an over-sized postcard with an eye-catching design, our mail stands out! We'll work with you to come up with a creative design and our in-house designers will bring it to life!  

Step 3:

Backed by Printing Images, we'll get you the best deals on printing and mail processing! 

Step 4:

The post card recipient will be instructed to text a unique word to 31996. They'll receive an auto-reply with a link to your landing page.  

Step 5:

The landing page will match the postcard in design, content and offer. Here, we will collect the recipients name and email!

Step 6:

By connecting offline and online marketing platforms, we're able to track all the responses from the postcard through the text code and landing page.  

Step 7:

After the campaign, we'll put together a report showing the results. We'll also give you all the data which includes the respondents names, phone numbers and emails.


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