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Some call it divine intervention when Bill got together his team of marketing strategists to head up the new marketing services division within Printing Images, a 40 year old printing company. Bill, the vice president of Printing Images, knew he could offer his customers more than just printing services with all of the resources he already had. He just needed a team with the knowledge to put it all together. Anna and Courtney have made the perfect team to launch this new venture off of the ground. What better pair of individuals could be behind this than two who have had social media be a part of their lives since it entered today’s society.

With innovative thinking and continuous learning, IMPRINT brings you the newest and best marketing strategies, backed by one of the oldest printing companies.


Here at IMPRINT, we work hard to bring our clients the best marketing strategy. We value team work, excellence, honesty and professionalism. Get to know us!



Bill Leishear

Vice President of Printing Images (the idea man), Bill started IMPRINT as a Printing Images company. He saw a need for marketing help whenever he met with his printing clients!

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Courtney Wall

Courtney started as IMPRINT's marketing intern but upon graduation from Towson Univeristy in the Spring, we asked her to continue working with IMPRINT as a Marketing Strategist!


Anna Luttrell

Anna's been a part of IMPRINT since day one. She heads up IMPRINT, managing projects, doing a bit of design work and of course sales! Contact her directly: (240) 357-1943 or

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Dennis Bradshaw

Dennis has been apart of Printing Images for along time! He's done about every job from customer service, to working in the shop and he is now thriving in sales. Meetings with Dennis are a blast and your sure to laugh a lot!


Chris Fath

Chris has been doing inbound marketing for some time now. Whether it's local SEO, Google My Business or social marketing, Chris really knows his stuff!


Printing Images

IMPRINT is a Printing Images company who has been printing for 40 years. This is good news for you because we have the resources to do all your printing, mailing, consulting and creative services in-house. From business cards, and postcards to magazines and promotional items, we've got you covered! 

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