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Rescue your Retirement.

All of the money decisions around the money are just as important as the money itself.  Retirement planning is a chess game – many pieces with specific rules. Developing a comprehensive, effective, and long-term strategy that is unique to you and your world is critical to winning this chess game.              -J'Neanne Theus      
J'Neanne Theus TWM

J'Neanne Theus TWM

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An Academic Course Teaching the Foundations for a Sound Retirement

Class Info:

Offered by: Howard Community College

Course Title: Retirement Planning for Today

Instructor: J'Neanne Theus

Fees: $89, includes course materials

TH        Jan 11-25         6:30-8:30pm    Oakland Mills High School      XE-151 6224 #3660

TU        Jan 16-30         6:30-8:30pm    Centennial High School          XE-151 6228 #3661

Course Description:

This course is intended to present an objective ‘big picture’ look that comprehensive financial planning addresses. Solving financial puzzles requires an investment of time. This is your opportunity to begin putting your puzzle together, instead of leaving it in the box until the last minute.

What you will learn:

Ongoing academic research from Boston College, The Wharton School of Business, MetLife, and Social Security, et al, demonstrates a fundamental shift in retirement planning. This course is meant to be a broad overview of the many challenges that baby boomers are facing and should consider. It addresses the integration of Income Planning, Social Security maximization, Distribution Strategies and their Tax consequences, as well as money decisions that affect outcomes.


Learning modules include:

  1. Planning for Life: how long will you live and what will you do?

  2. Retirement Needs & Expenses: what income are your replacing?

  3. Retirement Hurdles & Roadblocks:  the 10 biggest mistakes people make

  4. Retirement Income Sources: we discuss the different boxes in which you save money

  5. Distributions: maintaining flexibility and control & avoiding costly mistakes

  6. Investing: what works & what doesn’t - especially when your ability to make corrections is limited. The science versus the Wall Street media machine.

  7. Risk Management & Asset Protection: what are you protecting and how are you protecting it?

  8. Estate Planning: would you like to determine what happens to you and your stuff at the end, or should the state make those decisions?

How do I sign up?

Click the link below to sign up for "Retirement Planning for Today" through the HCC portal
& follow these directions:
Signing up is a little can do it!
(If you need help, fill out the contact form)
  1. Scroll down the page to find the course, "Retirement Planning for Today" (7th course on page).
  2. Click "Register now".
  3. Choose from the 5 options to enroll: online, in person, fax, mail or transfers & refunds.
  4. Make sure you are enrolling in "Retirement Planning for Today", course instructor: J'Neanne Theus, course number: XE-151 6224 #3660 or XE-151 6228 #3661.

Thanks for enrolling!

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